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Welcome to the South African Haemophilia Foundation

These web pages are part of our commitment to promote the welfare of all persons with haemophilia and similar conditions in South Africa and elsewhere. We hope it will help provide a better understanding of this inherited, lifelong bleeding disorder.

We welcome your comments. Please contact the Haemophilia Foundation by e-mail, or write to us at P O Box 172, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7801, South Africa.

Latest news

2601, 2019

Judy Butler

It is with great sadness that we share with you the unexpected passing this evening 16 January 2019 at around 20:30 pm local South African time the passing of Judy Butler.

Judy will be remembered for her complete dedication, commitment, drive and love for the Bleeding Disorders community in SA and across the world. She was a behind-the-scene doer, always availing herself.

She was involved with SAHF for nearly 50 years. […]

1710, 2018

Information for Young Women with Bleeding Disorders

Great resource from Haemophilia Foundation Australia. It covers bleeding disorders in young women generally and includes a substantial amount of information on VWD. There are answers to questions from young women in the community, e.g. what is the inheritance pattern for your children if you have VWD?

This project has taken them 2 years to complete and they are very excited to make it available. The content was developed […]