//KZN HAEMOPHILIA NURSE CO-ORDINATOR : Standard Operating Practice



The South African Haemophilia Foundation seeks to employ a suitably qualified nurse, who will receive the appropriate training as regards Haemophilia, to further the aims and objectives of the South African Haemophilia Foundation (SAHF).

The Haemophilia nurse will work throughout the province and in all the KZN hospitals and treatment centres where haemophilia care is provided.  This will include outreach to all the identified Haemophilia Treatment Centres and Haemophilia patients in KZN.

The Haemophilia nurse will function under the guidelines provided in an MOU between the SAHF and the KZN team represented by Dr Yagalen Naidoo and will be a supplementary service in support of the existing staff at the Hospitals and Haemophilia Treatment Centres.


This SOP applies to the functioning and tasks of the Haemophilia nurse in all the KZN hospitals and treatment centres where haemophilia care is provided and will include outreach activities to the Haemophilia patients.


The KZN Haemophilia nurse must have access to all Hospitals and treatment centres in the KZN Province where service to haemophilia patients is provided. An access card must be supplied by the Hospitals to allow access.  This access allows the Haemophilia nurse entry to all wards and outpatient facilities which will require the services of the haemophilia nurse co-ordinator.

CLINIC DAYS in support of existing staff

King Edward VIII

Adult clinics                Tuesday                                   8am-4pm

Paediatric clinics         Friday                                      9am-4pm

Walk-in patients          Mon-Friday                             8am-4pm

Greys Hospital

Adult clinic                  1st Monday of the month        8am-4pm

Paediatric clinic          3rd Thursday of the month      8am-4pm

Lower Umfolozi

Paediatric clinic          2nd Thursday of the month

Ngwelezane Hospital

Adult clinic                  No dedicated clinic day but most likely will be a Wednesday or Thursday once or twice a month


Clinic Duties


Coordinate time of clinic with attending Doctor

Check patients notes

Check on last Blood results and ensure routines blood test are taken and followed up yearly as per HCCC protocol. Clinic staff to take the bloods if factor is ordered to do this at the same time especially in paediatric patients.

Check the bleeding chart

Check on Medic Alert order and issue new if missing

Check last visit to the dentist

Physio assessment needed?

Check on consents to be signed Registry Blood transfusion administration etc

Patients to be seen by the doctors and plan for further management to be discussed and explained to the patient and rebook for the next clinic.

If for prophylaxis check any recent breakthrough bleeding episodes and inform doctor,

If none continue with treatment as prescribed for the month.

If treatment to be given arrange with ward staff and explain further dosing schedule to the PWH

Patient always to leave with appointment card and follow up date to clinic.

If the patient arrives with a bleed SOP Nursing plans can be followed after a discussion with the treating doctor. (Document attached)



Once Diagnosis has been confirmed, an interview with parents and or care giver to be done as an education session and family tree drawn unless genetic counselor in the clinic

This interview will possibly have to be repeated at next few visits.

Give the patient contact details of the nurse clinic and explain after hour’s service in the hospital.


To be managed by the clinic staff when Haemophilia nurse is away on outreach days



The haemophilia nurse will sign a confidentiality agreement at KEH, that will cover all of KZN haemophilia related activities.


The Haemophilia nurse will abide by policy stipulated for Department of Health workers, and by the nursing guidelines.  Additionally, the nurse will be subject to all on site Hospital regulations to be provided by the KZN team.  The nurse will be required to wear a uniform and his/her epaulettes as well as a hospital ID in order to be easily identifiable.


The Haemophilia nurse reports to the doctor in the clinic on clinic days and then consults with the adult/paediatric Haematology consultant, who will be advised once the patients have arrived at the clinic and direct daily activities.  He/she should report to the MOPD Nursing Manager on arrival as a courtesy.


The following duties will be required in consultation with staff as a supplementary service:

  • Work together with the Haemophilia staff in the clinic as an additional supplement on clinic days and provide assistance as time allows.
  • The KZN appointed Haemophilia nurse will not be responsible for the day to day management of the clinic.
  • When possible after the clinics visit with the in-patients admitted to the wards.
  • When possible oversee and check that the in-patients receive their clotting Factor or bypassing agents timeously by communicating with ward staff. Check daily stock levels in the ward and on Fridays for the weekend when at the treatment centres.
  • Attend to out-patients at clinic.
  • Discuss patient status and management with medical treaters.
  • All Factor/bypassing agents to be prescribed by medical doctors.
  • All bypassing agent use to be authorized by medical treaters prior to administration.
  • Paediatric patients requiring admission are to be discussed with the Paeds Haem consultant.
  • Update to the best of his/her capability clinic files with bleeding charts received from the patients.
  • Keep weekly stats with KZN staff and collate statistics with haemophilia clerk monthly
  • Facilitate multi-disciplinary team meetings when required.
  • Interact with allied services viz, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, maxillo-facial, dental, genetics, orthopaedics, social work and psychology to facilitate comprehensive care.
  • Participate in clinic activities eg. patient infusion workshops, camps, PEP (Parent empowering parent) workshops, mothers support groups etc.
  • The Haemophilia nurse could participate in research being carried out at the Haemophilia Treatment Centres.
  • Provide telephonic advice to people with Haemophilia in KZN by answering the phone funded by SAHF which will remain with the nurse.
  • Participate in KZN-haemophilia foundation activities
  • Assist in annual AGM for local KZN-Haemophilia Foundation
  • Ensure best practices are employed for home therapy and encourage clinic staff to teach home therapy.
  • Participate in Haemophilia Nurses training courses.
  • Attend the Haemophilia Nurses committee and MASAC meetings and related


  • Provide an annual report for KZN to MASAC.
  • The Haemophilia nurse will report to the Chair of MASAC and the KZN team (refer organogram)


  • Home visits, school visits as required.
  • Educational activities to outlying hospitals, clinics, schools
  • Haemophilia awareness promotion eg. World Haemophilia day activities, radio interviews.
  • Plan and participate in the annual Haemophilia camp.

The SAHF will ensure that regular reviews are held with the Haemophilia nurse.  The Operations managers will be responsible for this process. Will be done monthly for the first 3 months and then 6 monthly.


Download the KZN Hospitals SOP here
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