Employment Opportunity: Haemophilia Nurse | Johannesburg

//Employment Opportunity: Haemophilia Nurse | Johannesburg

Employment Opportunity: Haemophilia Nurse | Johannesburg


Job title:  Haemophilia Nurse Co-ordinator

Reports to:  SAHF Chairperson or nominee

Job purpose:  To co-ordinate the provision of comprehensive care to people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders in designated Provinces in South Africa

Job base:  Haemophilia Nurses Office Johannesburg

Key job roles              



Objective – Clinical Skills

  • Diagnosticassess patient’s needs, take proper history
  • Treatment skillsknowledge/ understanding of relevant pharmaceutical treatment as prescribed by treating doctor or adjunctive therapy as per treatment guidelines.
  • Clinical leadership
  • Providing doctors with relevant charts and information
  • Referring patients to the necessary specialists in the comprehensive care team
  • Ensure orientation of all new staff and patients and parents in their haemophilia clinic for management and follow up programs
  • Liaise with multidisciplinary teams re protocols and management

Objective – Audit and resource skills

  • Maintain accurate haemophilia patient and treatment records patient files, family pedigrees, national database, factor usage
  • Keep up to date in research in clinical practice
  • Seek opportunities to initiate and undertake nursing research projects within this specialty


Objective: Communication

  • Liaise with referring hospitals re management protocols of PWH in line with the SA Guidelines for Management of Haemophilia and DOH policies
  • Liaise with other clinical departments involved in haemophilia care within the multidisciplinary haemophilia comprehensive care team
  • Be available telephonically (including after-hours) to advise and liaise with patients and health care workers (HCW)

Objective: Evidence based practice

  • Travel to institutions within the designated provinces to participate in clinics
  • Travels to designated provinces to facilitate and co-ordinate the establishment of new haemophilia care clinics, where identified
  • Attends relevant haemophilia congresses and education workshops
  • Keeps up to date with literature

Objective: Active participation in the Haemophilia Nurses Committee and in the South African Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (MASAC)

  • Attendance at meetings and workshops

Objective: Participation with the local Haemophilia Foundation

  • Participation and organisation of Foundation meetings
  • Assist Foundation when necessary
  • Offer support to Foundation and members
  • Encourage patients in development of the local committee
  • Active organisation and implementation of World Haemophilia Day Events

Objective: evidence based training using the published guidelines to haemophilia in South Africa

  • Identifies training opportunities to increase awareness of haemophilia
  • Provides training to people with haemophilia and their families
  • Facilitates and co ordinates educational programs for the multi disciplinary team
  • Assist with development of resource material for educational purposes.
  • Arranges and facilitates haemophilia nurse training programmes



Objective: Advocate for haemophilia care

  • Liaise with schools, teachers, employers, re provision of care in their institutions
  • Liaise with other health care workers re correct delivery of care
  • Liaise with the Department of Health regarding delivery of care



  1. Teamwork
  2. Work standards
  3. Oral and written communication
  4. Planning and Organising
  5. Technical professional knowledge and proficiency
  6. Initiative
  7. Client Service Orientation



  1. Teamwork
    Active and constructive participation in the team.  Co-ordination of care with the team.  Working in a way that shows consideration for the feelings and needs of others.
  2. Work standards
    Maintaining high standards of quality and productivity.   Giving attention to detail.  Acceptance of responsibility for outcome of one’s work.
  3. Oral and written communication
    Displays ability to understand and express ideas clearly
    Maintains accurate patient records and written reports for all clinics,

Outreach visits, home visits school visits and educational in-service

Training at Hospital clinics and schools, patient homes and educational programs

to be sent to SAHF routinely.


  1. Planning and Organising
    Establishes priorities and adjusts them where appropriate
    Develops schedules to accomplish tasks
    Completion of delegated tasks
  2. Technical professional knowledge and proficiency
    Keeps up to date with current literature and protocols
    Updates professional knowledge of haemophilia care
    Professional nursing skills including phlebotomy and training patients on home infusion
    Basic computer literacy
  3. Initiative
    Displays ability to make appropriate decisions in a proactive manner.

Regular discussion with team members re new initiatives and ideas to keep channels of communication open to benefit the haemophilia program.

  1. Client Service Orientation
    Proactively developing client relationships by making efforts to listen and understand the client; anticipating and providing solutions to client needs, giving high priority to client satisfaction. Refer patients appropriately for early intervention when necessary.


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